Yoni egg practice

Hi there beauties,

Discover your infinite orgasmic potential through the Taoistic practice of Yoni Egg.

Learn how to use your life force (sexual energy) to create more vitality, sensitivity, femininity in order to reawaken the most sensual pathways of pleasure within yourself.

Because you deserve it!

Topics that will be disclosed during our session
· YONI EGG RITUAL – Self-love ritual that empowers women to embody a vibrant life.

· Learn about a beautiful YONI YOGA SEQUENCE that can be used as much as you like. Lying down, sited and in squat position.

. Discover how to magnetize your crystal in order to take the most out of it. Find out how to take care of your stone before and after practice.

· Origin of the practice, preparations, how often it should be done, benefits, contraindications and many other topics related to the Yoni Egg practice.

· BREAST MASSAGE – Learn how to activate the positive polarity in the woman's body and increase vitality and health.

. Shakti overflo through the microcosmic channels - heal your entire body, enhance radiance and grace.
"Caroline is such an amazing and delicious facilitator. Thank you dear for guiding me in my yoni egg journey. Such a deep and important work put together with so much beauty and juiciness. I've never felt such connection with my yoni before, feeling her opening and closing like a flower. Creating so much energy and moving it with presence through my body, revitalizing, nourishing and feeling how alive I am.
Baldesca Moner
Event manager
How does it work?

We will talk and get to know each other, in order to understand your goals.
And from this point, we can better understand what will be the best way for you to use the eggs, enhancing pleasure, healing the womb, cultivating more energy and etc...

Before the session, make sure you have your Yoni egg set up.If you don't , please feel free to purchase one at our shop (there are many beautiful crystal eggs available):
Obsidian, Green Quartz, Clear Quarts, Smoky Quartz

Sessions last approximately 2 hours.

As my GIFT, you will receive audio meditations of breast massage and yoni egg practice to keep yourself committed to the path of yoni egg healing.

Energy exchange: 200 EUR

Please, be sure before enrolling on this program as we hold a strict NO REFUND policy on all My Feminine Soul products

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