About women's Circle..

Have you ever participated of a women's Circle?

If, so, I would love to hear in just a few words your experience??

Since the first time I did my first gathering of sisters, I knew there was something very very special there for me. I felt a deep feeling of sisterhood and deep understanding towards each one of the participants. Something that I was deeply missing it, without knowing it!

My first circle it was in the rose quartz island of Koh Phangan in Thailand. It was free flow structure, so we talked about many of the feminine issues and Taboos , like for example:
moon cycles, fertility, orgasms, pregnancy, birth, relationship and tantra. It was such a rich experience to exchange wisdoms and ideas with so many sisters from different parts of the globe. Each one bringing a different way of life, a different taste, and their own and unique medicine. Since then, I got so mind blowed by that feeling that I went to many other circles and I have gathered with hundreds of women from everywhere in the world. Gain so much wisdom from those meetings, which has completely transformed my life and still doing it until today. I am so so grateful that women are coming back to sit equally on circle. As they say: "when women gather, magic happen!! So true!!! So it is!

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