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A powerful program for the busy woman to reconnect with her feminine force, suitable for all ages and life stages.

+ Bonus Video - lecture

"7 levels of Life Force"

Are you ready to wake up every day feeling Amazing!?

How does this program work?

This master class is specially designed to activate your entire body, mind and soul, not only physically, but also specifically energetically.

Energy = Life force = Sxual Vitality = Health = Willpower

This method is an easy step by step practice based on some ancient practices, such as the Tao System and Tantric Yoga. Those techniques have been used by millions of people all around the world. According to those ancient philosophies ( mystical schools) we were born with a certain amount of energy throughout our lifetime. Our batteries will be depleted if we don’t keep charging up ourselves energetically. Then our health, vitality, sxual desire and energy levels will eventually vanish. Similar process happens with our handphones, if not charged.

This Master Class is a blend of all the most effective and yet simple tools I have been using for the past decade to help me and my clients feeling vibrant and juicy.

“ Want to thank you for shakti activation! It’s a great program that helps me to fill up my mornings with energy and good mood! I started feeling the changes already during my first week of practice! I can really feel the difference, it helped me to boost my energy levels, creativity and especially my femininity!”

Elena Ignatochkina
Content creator

The main 3 pillars:

@ Activation and detoxification

@ Transcendence of negative emotions

@ Cultivation of Life Force

“Caroline's shakti activation become part of my morning routine, since I did the class for the first time. It energies me and gives me strength and an open mind, which I feel is so much needed these days. Thank you dear, for your motivation, your wisdom, your insights and your support. Together we're stronger”

Carola Weber
Business Coach
The methodology:

First step:

Muscle groups and joints’ warm up:
Shaking up the body to stimulate the lymphatic system (detoxification), releasing stagnant energy and negative emotions.
The opening of the Body Channels (Nadis) .
Kundalini activation (life force) and yoni power.
Movement of the sxual and sensual energy throughout the entire body

Second step:

The use of meditation and visualisation to transcend negative emotions

Grounding practice to prepare yourself for your AMAZING day.

How long does the practice last?

You can either practice for 20min or up to 45min a day. It’s up to the practitioners and goes along with their own schedule accordingly, as explained on the video class.

How often should it be done?

People usually feel great response already in the first sessions.
For long term results, it’s ideal to commit into a daily practice or as often as possible. It’s essential to cultivate vitality and life force in a daily bases, as life demands get so intense. The more we fill up our cups, the more joy we will have, allowing us to share our gifts to the world.

What you will experience:

- High level of energy
- Excitement about life
- Increase in the libido
- Overall Happiness and Wellness
- The regain of willpower and self-esteem


Not suitable for pregnant woman, due to the sublimation of energies.

Who Am I?

My name is Caroline Pontual, I am fully engaged in supporting women to return to their path of beauty and sacred sxuality.

A part from that, I am Tantric yoga teacher and Feminine Embodiment Coach.
I share, on a daily bases, lots of tips and techniques which help myself and thousand of women to rewire into their femininity on my Instagram page. Account - @myfemininesoul.

You can also find me on my Youtube Channel. Stay tuned and let's get in touch!

Money Back policy

Your happiness is our happiness.
If this course will not meet your expectation, please let us know, we will send you your money back. Refund is only available within 3 days of actual purchase.
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