The sacred feminine is rising...

This is the time for us to step into the feminine mysteries once again and walk the path of beauty, transformation and love, in order to become the women that we always wanted to be.

This is the time for us to heal the wounds of sisterhood, and together come back to our essence of inner wisdom, softness and sacredness.

My Name is Caroline Pontual.
I teach women how to go back to their bodies, release their shadows and heal their hearts and wombs.

I inspire women to trust their Intuition and to embody their orgasmic potency, for the purpose of living a more fulfilled and joyful life.

I empower women to reconnect to their feminine force, sexuality and inner self , in order for them to know and feel that they are worthy, lovable and powerful beyond measure.

This work is sacred.
We are the womb carriers, the mothers, the first teachers....

Humanity need us.
Let's give birth to a new earth of harmony, love and ecology. For all our relations and future generations.

The ancient feminine arts are the Key
for the modern woman to reclaim her femininity, sexuality and essence.
I invite you to let go of what no longer serves you and create space for the new you.
Listen to the call, Let me be your guide...

Give this gift to your feminine Soul.
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