Natural Gynecology

Welcome home beloved ones,
Let's get you introduced to the world of natural healing and self care.

But beforehand, let's get some questions clarified:

  • Have you been suffering from recurrent urinary infectionor candidiasis?
  • Do you dislike your menstruation?
  • Do you want to avoid allopathic medicine and treatments?
  • Do you struggle with cramps and PMS?
  • Would you like to let go of the chemical pills?
  • Do you suffer from acute disease as endometriosis, mioma?
  • Have you been going through any sort of treatment and nothing seems to work?

If you resonate with any of the above or want to explore more the world of womb wellness - than Natural Gynecology is just right for you.

This is a safe place for you and our guidance will fit you perfectly.
What's Natural Gynecology?
It's an ancestral wisdom of natural self healing and self care.
It's a movement growing nowadays in South America.

This healing modality integrates the wisdom of herbalism, flower essence, naturopathy, special diets, womb meditations, massages and much more. It's a combination of tools which will bring your body back to homeostasis.

What are the benefits of Natural Gynecology knowledge to you?

- Learning how not to depend entirely on medical care, taking responsibility for the overall health of your reproductive system.

- Connecting, interacting and understanding how your feminine parts function and what their needs are.

- Healing and supporting your endocrine and reproductive system using natural protocols.

You will be surprised with what self care and love can do to your wellbeing.

There is no magic pill!!

You will need to dedicate time to follow the holistic recommendations, and finally give the love and attention your body deserves. The love that was missing in the first place.....
I met Caroline at a workshop and I was instantly drawn to her beautiful feminine energy. I arranged private session with her to go deeper into learning how to reconnect with my feminine energy. Given the intimate nature of this topic, there's a lot of trust involved, but during our session she made me feel very comfortable. She was also excellent at providing theoretical information as well as practical tools to achieve the results i desired.
Nick Toth
Nutritional expert
How does it work?

We are going to meet once a month, during 3 moon cycles (online or in our office in Bali)

- First session:

We are going to talk about your health history.
Based on that, we will recommend a natural program for you to follow during 3 months.
Teaching you the tools for self healing as well as recommending where to get some natural products to purchase for your treatment.

- Second session:

We are going to understand how the treatment resonates with you and make some changes if necessary.
After that, you might learn some new tools to integrate to your healing process.

- Third session:

We are going to observe the results and responses of your body to the treatment.

With that being said, there is no magic pill. So, you will need to dedicate yourself to the program to achieve the results you are aiming for.
You will have all our support via email any time you need.

Energy exchange: 150 EUR each session.

Please, be sure before enrolling on this program as we hold a strict NO REFUND policy on all My Feminine Soul products

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