Born and raised in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, I got graduated in Law totally influenced by my father's lineage, which was involved with carrier of Law for the most part. I worked in the field for several years and suddenly realised this path wasn't fulfilling my desires as a being as well as a woman. The more unsatisfied I felt, the more I could notice the red flags such as very low immune system, burnouts, eczema, candidiasis, strong anxiety and insomnia.
After several attempts of healing myself with conventional treatment, I chose to take the responsibility for my own health.

I decided to study and practice naturopathy with N.D. Dr. Efrain Melara Mendez and his wife dietitian N.D. Dra. Consuelo Melara, who taught me a lot about fasting, healthy lifestyle, veganism, healthy cuisine and natural hygienic protocol. I was alsoinspired to become vegan, launching my health and wellness into another level.

That's when I decided to undertake a journey into self healing in 2009…
I took one month holiday from work and went to the Himalayans, Nepal, to find silence and meditation, studying the strong discipline of Vipassana.
After my meditation in the mountains, I realised that I still hadn't figured out much about myself and what purpose in life was. I realised, meditating up in the mountains of Nepal that mama India was calling me deeply… and I surrendered!

The land where anything is possible took me into a serious journey of systematic trainings. I studied different types of meditations with amazinggurus. I dove deep into the ancient healing knowledge of Ayurveda and learn different types of massage, oils, herbs and Pancha Karma treatments for Detox. I became a Yoga Teacher and a Tantric researcher. After that, my search expanded to other lands, like Thailand where I learnt Thai Massage, Guasha, Tokshen , Acro Yoga, Chi Nei Tsang and Jade Yoni Egg practice.

I kept myself curious and busy learning and practising the healing arts while I was traveling in Asia, and later on in Europe. I found myself living in Portugal and after France, where I was working as a holistic therapist and offering massage treatments and Yoga, upgrading my knowledge and wisdom.

The lack of warmth and tropical weather, made me come back to Thailand - Phuket.
I worked as a detox consultant in one of the best Detox Center over there, near the beach. I had an amazing time, teaching Yoga, fasting and detoxing…. life seemed perfect!!!
I was delighted to share what I believed was the right way to live with hundreds of people from different parts of the globe, helping them to heal, rejuvenate, shifting bad and unhealthy habits, teaching and inspiring them to transform their lives.

Then, the journey back to the heart.
After a decade of self enquiring, exploration and research, my search brought me to the land of the feminine beauty.
The island of the Gods and Goddesses - Bali.
The magical Island brought me back to my feminine soul, which made me forever grateful. This place has helped me to slow down and reconnect to my essence. Since this beautiful understanding, for the past 5 years, I have been immersing myself deeply with all my hearth into the ancient feminine arts….

This work has been moving me in so many levels, removing all the layers that no longer serve me. Cleansing the old, bringing the new and precious back to me. Reconnecting me with my feminine power, reclaiming my sacredness and self confidence, remembering my freedom, wild nature and erotic innocence. I felt a deep call to become a mother and to give birth to my precious son Mikhael. I am still living here in Bali at present, near the rice fields with my husband Roman, our son and the guardian of our family… the cat Don Juan.

I am so grateful to find my life purpose and the most inspiring work I could ever imagine, a truthful initiator of deep transformation. I have been offering this transformational and revolutionary work through international workshops, retreats, coaching and online sessions.

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