March 19 - 24, 2023
Bali, Indonesia
Feminine Awakening Retreat
You have always known there is more to life than mundane reality and are ready to step into this mystery.

You desire sacred ritual with other women holding the collective intention to strengthen your connection to mother nature, spirituality and your body.

You are ready to embrace and experience the power of your sexuality.

You love other women and are ready to be in a space where sisterhood and support are highly valued.

You trust your instincts and body and want to strengthen this trust.

Who you are
-Feel magnetic, sensual, and alive
-Deepen the connection with your body and erotic nature
-Feel more beautiful, confident, and feminine
-Boost your libido, desire and zest for life
-Learn tools to help you live life happily and in balance
-Connect with and trust other women
-Heal the wounds of the feminine
-Open up a world of new possibilities
-Have more from life than the mundane reality
-Feel and express your wild, authentic nature

-Experience your magical essence
-Open up to the power in your heart and womb
-Become unapologetic
-Regain your trust and connection to other women
-Experience more from life
-Step into your power!
-Get into alignment with what you want
-Learn how to connect to your higher self
-Experience the power of your sensitivity
-Have high-quality friendships with other like-minded women

Spend 6 days in a tropical paradise on the warm Indian Ocean in Bali
with like minded women experiencing the sisterhood you have always craved
in sacred space: healing and empowering each other.
You will be expertly guided back to your place of ultimate power: Your FEMININITY
Inside of you, you hold all the keys to your greatest life. In this powerful immersion, you will come to know that power intimately. You will leave feeling refreshed and deeply connected to your most authentic self, with lightness in your heart and clarity in your mind.

Through ceremony and prayer, so much can be unwoven and so much more can be revealed.

That, my dear is what this week is about.

What is included in this retreat:
  • All meals, including coffee, tea and desert.
  • Vegetarian, local & fresh. Made with Love
  • All activities, including a visit to a holy waterfall
  • Shared accommodation to foster sisterhood connection
  • Transport group from Ubud Center to Retreat (back and forth)
Basically, get yourself to Bali and

This is what our schedule may look like:
Nourishing grounding connection
Group Session or Workshop
Lunch and free time and sharing circle
Group Session or Workshop
Morning practice, yoga, breath work, meditation or shakti awakening
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
What you will be doing during the workshops or group sessions :
  • Practices to heal body and yoni shame
  • Powerful Ancestral Clearing technology
  • Education about cyclical living and the menstrual cycle
  • Taoist Yoni Egg Initiation
  • Tantric breast massages
  • Feminine embodiment practices
  • Initiation on tantrika sexual arts
  • Feminine Yoga and Fem meditations
  • Womb healing and awakening
  • Tantric S&X Magic rituals
  • Shamanic Fire Cleanse
  • Sexual Vitality practices
  • Holy Waterfall Ceremony
  • Dance, devotional singing and voice activation
  • Women’s sharing circle and much more….
What you'll get:
Full permission to be your most beautiful, authentic, shining and happy self
A trip of a lifetime
Sisterhood and life-long, high quality friendships
Laughter, fun, play, freedom
Experience sacred ritual
Tools to bring this back in to your life to maintain a high vibration in your day-to-day life
Taoist tantric practices to increase vitality
Tools to unlock and loosen their bodies
A deep connection to nature
Shamanic tools for clearing your energy field
Tools to get into alignment with your Soul

Caroline Pontual mentor’s women whom wants to step into their femininity, personal power, and confidence to live fulfilled in bed, love and life.

Her method is deeply inspired by her own experiences, research and work on the last 15 years in the field of personal development, holistic health, wellness, sexuality, feminine ancestral wisdom and more.

She offers, online, mentorship programs, sessions and courses.
You can find her on Instagram @myfemininesoul where she shares regularly great information about femininity, personal development and sexuality for the modern woman.
Ann Marie Paul
Ann Marie Paul is guided by a strong desire to share radiant health, abundant happiness and divine magic.

She spent 15 years immersed in yoga and then a few years sharing the wisdom of Tarot. She began getting a strong instinct that there is magic in women's vagina's and that she was here at this time to help them activate it. Heeding this call from within to empower women, Ann Marie found yoni eggs. She began softening and finding self-compassion. An inner well of soothing life force energy began to spring forth, creating massive shifts in her life. Her periods stopped being horrendously painful, and she started attracting deeply nourishing friendships and intimate relationships. Feeling seen and loved for the first time, her fears around finances slowly unwound themselves. She found herself relaxed and in a state where she could listen to her body and soul with full permission. People pleasing and fear of rejection became a thing of the past. Her yoni became sensitive and alive, love making reached new heights of pleasure. She LOVES guiding other women on this path of full feminine embodiment.
Learn more about her here
Are you ready to shed the layers of social conditioning around sexuality and sisterhood?
Are you ready to remember your magic?
Are you ready to feel fully alive in your body?
Discount on Ann Marie’s online courses, mentorship, & products
Transport group from Ubud
to the retreat centre
(back and forth)
Access to group professional photographs
Access to all the workshops and visit to the holy waterfall
Post-Retreat Integration
Online meeting
6 days of vegetarian meals breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea, and filtered water
Discount on My Feminine Soul’s online courses, mentorship, & products
5-nights accommodation
(option to upgrade to single room)
We have been waiting for you.
Now is the time.

What you'll take home:
  • Tools and education on how to live a more feminine and fulfilled life.
  • Shamanic tools for clearing your energy field and womb
  • Techniques on how to protect your womb and body temple after S&X
  • Tao and tantric practices to boost your libido, energy levels and fem magnetism
  • How to be more confident in bed and in life
  • Initiation on sacred sexuality
  • How to experience more pleasure ad orgasms
  • Deepen your capacity to listen to your intuition and womb wisdom
  • Healing of unresolved wounds related to the feminine, sisterhood and family lineage.
  • Powerful knowledge on how to live life based on your menstrual cycles.
  • Unforgettable memories of a journey of a life time.
  • Learn how to feel more Embodied in your Feminine Power
  • Learn powerful self care practices to keep yourself feeling radiant and alive in your day to day life.
  • An invaluable network of beautiful soul sisters and friends
$1799 Investment after Early Bird spaces sell out.
Early Bird $1599
(Only available until Feb 6th)
*$500 non-refundable deposit to secure your space.

*Please don't forget to add your email address when you pay your deposit.
*Payment plans are available.


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