"Extraordinary Woman"
Mentorship program

A one-on-one 8 weeks
program to awaken your
feminine wisdom and
sexual potential.
Welcome Sacred Women

We are so pleased you are feeling the call!

Being on this page means you are ready to reconnect
with your own true feminine essence.

We have good news for you!

You are at the right place.

This program is a result of Caroline's long journey into the Sacred Feminine Arts.

We proudly invite you to walk through the path of beauty, transformation and love.

This program was developed with a lot of love for women who want to dive deep into the ancient and sacred feminine practice.

It was specially designed for women of all ages and life stages.

The protocol is developed to go through two months (60 days) where Caroline will be personally guiding and making sure you keep track on the program.

We are going to work, during our meetings, on the holy trinity of your being - body, mind and soul.

Women who work with us will experience profound transformation and tremendous self healing, resulting in a great impact in their love relationships, sex life and on all other levels of their lives.

How does the program work ?

We are going to do 8 sessions together during 8 weeks.

Our meetings will happen once a week (online or here in Bali).

On our first meeting we will dive deep into your story, goals, wishes and needs, in order for us to understand how we can best serve you. After that, Caroline is going to develop an epic program, tailored to your needs and goals.

You are going to learn powerful tools of self healing and self love, which are going to raise the frequency of your own entire being.

All of the sessions will be led by Caroline personally.

"You are going to learn powerful tools of self healing and self love, which are going to raise the frequency of your entire being."
A daily homework will be given to you, in which takes around 10 to 45 minutes to invest on your Feminine Soul.

The main goal is to give you all the tools needed to become completely independent and able to navigate your life from a place of confidence, empowerment and radiance.

A strong commitment is required in order for the program to be entirely successful. Once you apply to the course, please make sure you have the time to fully dedicate yourself to it.

Included in the program:

- 8 sessions of one and a half hours each with Caroline.

- Telegram support during the entire program.

- Audio guided meditations and extra materials (will remain with you forever)

BONUS - Master Class "Shakti Activation".

The program might be led by one or some of
the following topics:
Womb Wellness
Yoni Healing
Sensual embodiment
Feminine Awakening
This work will be designed to you if:

  • You want to become more feminine.
  • You want to heal your womb, yoni and body shame.
  • You want to feel more confident and happy within yourself.
  • You want guidance and support to transform your feminine soul.
  • You are ready to commit to the practice and invest time on yourself.
  • You want to balance hormones and have better relationship with your menstrual cycle.
  • You want to feel more sensual, and orgasmic.
  • You want drastic improvement on your relationship with your body and mind.

    Attract your King and have a wonderful and healthy sex life
    "Last month, I finished my Coaching Program with my beloved teacher Caroline and I can still hardly express in words, what it means to me. The results of the program are still intensifying and deepening and have changed my life profoundly.

    Before we started, I really had a lot of anxieties and was very insecure about myself. I didn't know who I was as a woman (a topic that I was struggling with all my life) and I couldn't see my worth anymore. In a time, when I started to search for a deeper healing, Caroline came into my life - a moment I will be grateful for forever.

    I remember being so nervous before our first meeting, but from the first moment on, I felt totally accepted and loved by her. She was holding space for me in a way that was calming, nourishing and healing. In each second of our sessions, she was understanding and and showed me that I was lovable, worthy and powerful!

    Caroline opened my eyes for the beauty of my feminine soul. She taught me the ancient wisdom of the sacred feminine, for example about the magic of our cycle (a knowledge that every woman should know) and our womb, just to mention two of the many beautiful topics we were working with. She is keen on the knowledge of so many traditions, such as daoistic and shamanic and she works absolutely holistic.

    She helped me to value and raise my feminine energy again, she taught me many practices and helped me with practical advices and tools. Step by step, I was and I am still able to overcome my fears that were like a burden to me and find back to my own power again.

    I can truly say, that I finally have found what I have been searching for for so long. I really cannot imagine my life without this wisdom anymore.

    Caroline was and still is caring for me, and at anytime I can ask her for help and advice.

    Dear sisters: you can't miss this! We should all know about our sacredness, about the goddess in ourselves and our innate feminine power, that are only waiting to be discovered again by us.

    For this deep work, I'm so thankful to have found Caroline as my teacher. If you take the courage and make the step, she will guide you through this journey to yourself. She will teach you the sacred wisdom. She will support and honor you. She will inspire you to explore, nourish and love your feminine soul. And she will help you to find back home to yourself.
    And for sure, you will have a lot of fun as well!

    Thank you, Caroline for this work that you are doing, which is not simply your work but much more your entire life. You are inspiring me to believe into myself and to trust into the harmony of life again.

    I am looking forward to our next sessions!

    In love and gratitude, your student and dear friend"
    German Client (Private ID)
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    So get ready, because you are about to experience a deep transformation!! We are honoured to guide you through this magical process.

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