My Feminine Soul
A path of beauty and
sacred sexuality

Welcome to my world, sacred women,
I am delighted with your presence here.

My name is Caroline Pontual.
I am a woman, mother and wife.

I am a holistic therapist, tantric yoga teacher and nutritionist, specialised in women's health and feminine embodiment.
But most importantly, I am an initiator of deep transformation.

My passion is to help women to remember the freedom and liberation of being completely authentic and sexually fulfilled.

I have been fully devoted, in the past few years, to support women to feel home again...tapping into their full potential, connecting to their self in a deeper and sacred way.

I facilitate women to fall in love with themselves.

The result is to become more confident about their bodies, embracing their femininity, enhancing their radiance, tapping into their sexuality, honouring their cyclic nature, and learning how to navigate life from a feminine creative and intuitive flow of bliss.

Precious work in which
I am honoured to offer to you.

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Work with us

Nourish you feminine soul and feel valuable, desirable and powerful beyond measure.

Because you deserve it..

Coaching Program
by Caroline Pontual

- 8 one on one session during one moon cycle
- Deep immersion into feminine mysteries

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"Let's give birth to a new era of harmony, love and ecology,
for all our relations and future generations."
- Caroline Pontual

Yoni egg initiation workshop
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